5 comments on “New MAGPUL PTS PMAG 30G

    • We are in the dark about the specifics of this one ourselves. As stated in the post, we found this photo on their facebook and so we just relinked it here to help spread the word for you non facebook users.

    • GCW! I’m not sure either, Magpul PTS didn’t specify on the facebook… It would make sense if they did follow after the M4 midcaps as they were very reliable.


  1. Only thing is you loose the tabs that lock multiple mags together. I personally think magpul made a big mistake omitting them. Fanbois will snatch em up and if they make them for a WE gbb I may buy one but I am not yet convinced.

    • I don’t see Magpul making a mistake on omitting the magazine clamp locks. How I see it, if someone wants to purchase magazines that lock, he can purchase the regular g36 magazines. The Magpul E-Mag is a new option for those who dislike g36 magazines for the locking mechanisms that can be caught against gear and such.


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