6 comments on “Estimated Times of Arrival and Prices Updated!

  1. Ahhh… I was hoping for a more specific ETA for the Kriss Vector. Summer = June – August? (That’s still so long……..) I won the ASGI giveaway one, so now I’m pretty psyched about it coming out. 😛 Anyways, I have no doubt the final product will have been well worth the wait.

  2. Arrrghh…The Magpul PTS LM4 was supposed to release this month, but I guess it’s for the better. Take more time to get everything right the first time. Oh well. More time to save up for my RS Magpul UBR stock and RS Magpul MIAD grip!

  3. Ugh. They need to release the ERG’s already. I’ve never been able to use anything like it (GBBR’s) because I live in South Dakota…

  4. Hi everyone! I am SO excited about getting a Highend AK ERG! I can see on the web and on Youtube (footage from shotshow) That the representative from KWA is talking about the AKs hittn´the market summer 2012… weell now its 2013! Does anybody have an update on a ETA for the AKs. Coz man.. they are sweet!

    Thanks from Norway!

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