8 comments on “KWA LM4 and TT-33 Are Now Available!

    • If you would like a list of KWA Authorized Resellers, here is a list displayed on KWA’s website.

      However, if you are asking us who are favorite authorized reseller is, I would have to say none in particular. We try our best to stay impartial and not advertise for any retailer, in order to promote KWA products only.

      Thanks for the Support!

  1. sadly I would have to buy one online if I wanted to get one, do you know if these locations have any online sites or ways to purchase online if not it’s fine Thank you for the help!

    • The KWA website categorizes their Authorized Resellers by states. (http://kwausa.com/where-to-buy/) Click on the state that you live in and it should show the closest Authorized Reseller near you. Otherwise, in terms of ordering online, majority of websites shown have an online website that can be ordered from. Just do a little bit of searching and you will find some.


  2. it seems like all the stores’ sites don’t have them up yet ill have to check back later. well anyways thanks so much for your help! Wish me luck on finding a site that has the tt-33s on their site for sale!

    • Your Welcome! The stores don’t have them up yet. It seems like it takes some time for them to stock the guns into the inventory, fulfill the pre-orders, then begin opening regular orders. As of yesterday, KWA has already released or shipped them out to the retailers. Give it a little more time and you should see various stores list them on their website. Good luck!


  3. never mind i answered my own question. when can i preorder this bad boy anyways? do you recommend any store to preorder at?

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