About Us

Disclaimer: KWA Central is a website that compiles new and useful information about KWA onto one website. This website is a specific source for the Airsoft community to check the latest KWA and KWA-related news, without having to go to several other sources (i.e. Youtube, Forums, General News Sites) in order to find specific information related to KWA and KWA-related products. This KWA Central is independently ran and is not owned by KWA Performance Industries. 
HI, we are KWA Central, a fan-based website made by airsofters for airsofters. This website is designed and dedicated to KWA Performance Industries and their products, and by no means own or operated by KWA Performance Industries. KWA remains as one of the only companies that are willing to further improve their products while maintaining high quality standards and customer support, and we love them for those reasons. As airsoft enthusiasts and consumers ourselves, we understand the value of maintaining and protecting our investments, and love to guide others towards making valuable decisions about their airsofting needs. As KWA continues to grow, so will their product line. This website will help organize all the new information about KWA and their products. KWA Central hopes to become the KWA community’s new valuable source of information and will help clarify rumors and details that others may hear or come across while reading forums. With our combined efforts and relations we have been able to acquire all the information about KWA and their product line.

KWA Central Administrator: Greatwatermelon

What is my background? I began airsofting back in 2004, which was right before the market transitioned from a dominance of Tokyo Marui guns to the infamous China Clones. Throughout the years, my interest grew into more of an obsession, turning Airsoft into an addicting hobby. I have been traveling all along the West Coast to attend field events at CQB City, Sequoia Airsoft, Fort Ord, Jericho, SC Village & SC Viper, Code Red, Tac City El Monte, Tac City Fullerton, Integrity Tactical Solutions, I Play Airsoft, Diamondback and Operations like LCIX, LCX, RSII, R66.

On top of all the traveling and fun that I have had, I also picked up on writing product reviews on various airsoft guns and accessories. Several were published throughout the various popular airsoft forums like Arnies Airsoft, Airsoft Forum, Airsoft Retreat and Airsoft-Barracks. I also help run the Airsoft-Barracks News Page and Forum as a News staff and Moderator, posting articles, updating product news on various Airsoft companies, enjoying the discussions, and ban-hammering the trolls.

Through this KWA Central website, I hope through share information and details, with the Airsoft Community, about future KWA-related and KWA products.

For a website, why KWA? Having much respect for many other brands out there, I chose to help create a fan website dedicated to KWA and KWA-related news and products due to the interactions with KWA over the years. Since I have begun airsofting, I have broken most of my own and others’ airsoft guns I touch, ranging from the Japanese brand Tokyo Marui to the China/HK brand like CYMA, Dboy, Jing Gong, Classic Army and G&P, to even the Taiwanese brands like G&G, including KWA. Jumping from brand to brand, expecting the reliability of appliances like everyone claims, I concluded that not only does Murphy’s law happen to every gun I touch, but the only way for me to continue airsofting at the rate I was going, would be through the help of a company’s repair service and their customer service that stand by their quality products and growing customers. I found the only company proven, to fulfill my needs, to be KWA.

Over a time span of 2 and half years, my own KWA’s have seen the KWA technical service center, in total of at least 12 times. (SR10- 6 times, SR7-2 times, KZ75- 2 times, M11A1 NS2- 1 time, KMP9-Needs to go in, G23F-1 time, 1911DS- 1 time) As my KWA’s have continued to circulate back and forth into KWA, which is close to where I live, I have had the opportunity to interact with and befriend many of KWA technical staff and learn much of their knowledge about airsoft, their products, their designs  & choices, and their experience in the Airsoft Industry. Through their willingness to help me as well as many other of their customers, I have found it very appropriate to take the knowledge given to me and extend the same to the rest airsoft community that I have been serving for years, by creating an informative fan website that will help the many other enthusiasts who have purchased KWAs, or even those interested in keeping up with KWA and KWA-related products.