Shot Show 2012

** Pictures shown below are from KWA’s Shot Show 2012 Announcements”
**Shot Show 2012 revisited many other models from 2011. The list below only shows the newest introduced in this 2012 Shot Show. See the Upcoming Models Page for the complete list.**
**Q1 = 1st Quarter (January-March), Q2 = 2nd Quarter (April-June), Q3 = 3rd Quarter (July-September), Q4 = 4th Quarter (October-December)**
GBB Series- Gas Blow Back Series
  • AKG-74SU (ETA: Q3 /Price: $380)
  • LM4C PTR (ETA: Q3 /Price: $380)
  • Kriss Vector (ETA: Q4 /Price: <$400)
  • 1911A1 US ARMY (ETA: Q4 /Price: $150)
  • ATP Auto (ETA: Q3 /Price: $150)
  • MKV (Makarov) (ETA: — /Price: $135)
ERG/PTS Series- Electric Recoil Gun/Professional Training Series
  • RM4 PTS CQB (Magpul Edition) (ETA: Q4 /Price: <$400)
  • RM4 PTS Scout (Magpul Edition) (ETA: Q4 /Price: ~$400)
  • RM16 PTS SPR (Magpul Edition) (ETA: Q4 /Price: >$400)
CQR AEG Series- Close Quarter Rifle Series (Budget Line)
  • CQR Mod 1 (ETA: July /Price: <$200)
  • CQR Mod 2 (ETA: June /Price: <$200)