Up to July 2012 Q&A’s

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43 comments on “Up to July 2012 Q&A’s

    • okay i just bought a g36c an its just messing up alot it sometime shoots three bbs at a tim are they will fall out of my an on semi it shootss out twobbs

  1. Is the HK 45 supposed to come out early in the 2nd quarter (around the same time a the TT-33) or later, like near June?

    • Sorry for the late reply, I missed your question among the posts.

      The Hk45 will likely come as late as early Q3 (July). I would not expect it to be released at the same time as the TT-33.


  2. I just buy kwa m4a1 tactical and i notice no kwa name i buy in hongkong ehobby asia pls give same details if my one is genuine thanks.

    • KWA does manufacture for Asia which is why you see different trades. However, do not mix up that region with the one here in the US. If you purchase outside the US or from a non-authorized KWA dealership, your KWA will NOT come with a warranty or customer support.


    • I’ve asked KWA when the ATP Auto come out. That is one of the two pistols that has not have a set release date yet. In the meantime, I’ll continue to ask them and update it once KWA has any new estimated release dates on it.


  3. I know that the list says that the AK-74 ERGs will be coming out in quarter 3 (July-September?) but I am just wondering if there is any more recent news on that.

    • Hi Riley,

      Thanks for visiting the site. We update the list with the latest information as soon as it becomes available. We will be sure to notify our viewers if anything changes, however what you see now is the most current information that we have.


  4. I have not asked KWA about the chances of them using subdued markings on the HK45 or other future pistol line ups. I will get back to you on that.


    • After speaking with KWA, Umarex will be the ones determining whether or not it will have subdued markings or not. The HK45 is Umarex property, as the HK45 can only be made by KWA, hence, Umarex HK45 by KWA.


  5. Dang. They pushed back the KRISS another quarter and a half…. So much for coming this “summer”…. How much longer can they push it back, I wonder… I won a redemption for one from ASGI in early February. :/

    • The HK45 is an amazing little gun, I think its worth it. I mean granted the magazines maybe a bit pricey, but the level of detail on the magazine is fantastic. They even have fake welding on the back of the magazines to make it more authentic. But I promise you, its a small price to pay for such a fantastic gun!


  6. Apparently, the KSC version of the HK45 has a problem with doublefeeding and/or the slide not going back all the way. Is the KWA the same?

    • The KWA guns are not the same as the KSC ones. All KWA guns go through a very strict inspection process before they are allowed to be shipped out. So you can rest assured that the issues found in the KSC ones should not be found in the KWA ones. If something like this did come up, the customer service at KWA will be happy to take care of you.


    • No new updates are currently available at this time. This site is updated as information comes out, so please check back and be patient.


    • Most likely, but until the first batch of pistols arrive I do not know. However, the general trend of KWA markings suggests that they will have subdued markings.


  7. Does anyone really think that the atp auto will be worth it or should i just get the atp because it is taking a really long time to just get a release date.

    • I wouldn’t expect any less of the ATP Auto. It’ll be an ATP with the added feature of being able to fire in fully automatic. (Like comparing M17/M19 to M18C/M23F) I cannot really say for yourself whether or not the wait is worth it or not. It depends how much you really want that automatic feature. If you like running pistol only with a 50 rd magazine, perhaps it’ll be very well worth the wait.


  8. would love to see kwa make a 1921 colt thompson gas blowback gun with a drum mag finned barrle and top coking knob

  9. Any info on the ETA of the. I have seen them available for pre order on a few websites saying they are coming out at the very end of august which would suck.

    • I did not ask for a reason, but it’s given that the CQR, GBBR’s, and ERG’s are the current priority. KWA Central updates monthly due to these ETAs changing to different quarters. I would expect a more definite ETA perhaps by next month.


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